Hello there, if you have navigated this far into our website, then you are pretty keen on what we are up to. Here's a short summary of the reason for our existence.

Our goal

Businesses need consumers and consumers need businesses. And both have to trust each other for services that are regulated and have identity sharing and verification at is core.

Our goal is to make it insanely easy, secure and free for consumers to share their identities with businesses. And make it simple, compliant and fraud-free for businesses to verify the identities shared by consumers.

Our work

Humankind, as we know it, have come a long way. You could consume pretty much anything from where you are now with just a few taps and swipes. But there are exceptions; and those exceptions stubbornly remain unchanged for decades. Those problems are worth solving, in particular, when it benefits a billion people. And that makes us believe in Kay’s and Drucker’s words that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Oh, just so you know we are inventing, we have filed for 5 patents so far and more are on the way.

Our way of life

As a team, we do not believe in rigid methodologies, exhaustive specs, annual appraisals or bossy hierarchies. We get a lot of freedom, flexibility and responsibility to plan our work, work with tools that we are comfortable with and deliver to the highest quality standards that defines us in the eyes of our end users and Clients. All our work is delivered through a flexible, iterative process, with a hawk eye for detail, and relying on each other as sounding boards to ponder and polish ideas.

Inside frslabs

We are a small knit team, big enough to have an impact, yet small enough to get things done without the burden of absurd processes or politics. We are serious thinkers trying to break down the barriers that keeps businesses and citizens from moving forward. We don’t crave for monthly appreciations or badges to motivate us (we would have been youtubers if we had). Instead, we crave for the best in each of us to make a lasting human impact. We strive for craftsmanship, the likes of a beautiful prose, poem, music or art. We work hard to create an environment where good ideas are nurtured and rewarded. We are your friends at frslabs.

Trusted technology platform.

Trust is hard to earn. We certainly do not earn them through paid advertising. Instead, we earn your trust by providing a high-quality product and reliable service that you can count on. Every single day.

Award winning technology
Patent pending technologies matured over ten years with proven accuracy, quality and scale.
Support that truly supports
Whatever it takes, we are here to help you succeed with our tools and services.
Secure enterprise platform
Use our cloud platform to get started now. Or deploy this within your own premises.
Pricing that makes sense
Pay per transaction with discounts as you scale. Or annual subscription with unlimited usage.

Servicing customers worldwide

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Built for flexibility, compliance and reliability to serve multiple industry segments.

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