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Aadhaar Offline

Aadhaar Offline is a secure and shareable document which can be used by any Aadhaar holder as proof of ID and proof of address. The Aadhaar holder will only need the Aadhaar number and their mobile linked to Aadhaar for instant Aadhaar Offline identity verification.

Our Aadhaar Offline technology fetches the KYC details directly from UIDAI website and seamlessly verifies the digital signature of the Aadhaar offline document. Once the Aadhaar Offline process is completed by your customer, you will receive the customers eKYC data along with the photograph. In a nutshell, our Aadhaar Offline technology is 100% legal, safe and efficient.

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Key Features of Aadhaar Offline Verification

Plug and Play
Say goodbye to coding with our easy-to-use dashboard or easy to deploy APIs and SDKs.
Simple Experience
Aadhaar Offline process provides your customer step by step instructions that are extremely easy to follow.
Built-in Consent
Our platform formally takes the consent from your customer to give you access to their KYC details.
Dedicated Support
We are real and friendly humans, not bots, ready to lend a hand, whenever you need us.
Safer Onboarding
Aadhaar Offline is the safest way to verify your customers with no room for ID spoofing.
No Redirect
We allow your customers to complete Aadhaar Offline within a single flow without the need for file download or upload.

How to complete Aadhaar Offline?

You can login to our dashboard and get started using Aadhaar offline instantly. Initiate Aadhaar Offline and your customer will receive a secure link to seamlessly complete Aadhaar offline KYC verification approved by UIDAI.

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Your customer provides consent for Aadhaar Offline


Customer enters their Aadhaar number and Captcha


Customer enters OTP sent to their registered mobile


The digitally signed Aadhaar file is received from UIDAI


The customer is successfully verified.

Multi factor verification using Aadhaar Offline

When a customer completes Aadhaar Offline, you will receive the full KYC data including name, address and photograph. This photograph can now be matched with a selfie with liveness seamlessly in a single step. Once the face liveness is verified and the live face is matched successfully with the Aadhaar Offline photo, you can have the customer verified beyond doubt as per prevailing digital KYC regulations.

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aadhaar offline

Aadhaar Offline
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aadhaar offline?

Aadhaar Offline is a secure and shareable Aadhaar document. It is an electronic copy of a customer’s Aadhaar which can be and shared with anyone, anytime with informed consent.

How is Aadhaar offline better than Aadhaar Card Copy?

Obtaining physical Aadhaar IDs as proof of ID and proof of address are prone to risks such as forging and spoofing. Often such documents are modified easily and are difficult to verify in real time. This is where Aadhaar offline can help, as the Aadhaar document is fetched directly from the UIDAI website. This way, your KYC process becomes completely authentic, tamper proof and paperless.

What is the difference between Aadhaar Offline eKYC and Aadhaar eKYC?

Aadhaar eKYC refers to the traditional biometric based authentication, whereby your customers will provide their Aadhaar number and biometrics such as fingerprint or iris for authentication. Aadhaar Offline is eKYC does not rely on biometrics or additional devices and the authentication can be carried over a simple mobile device with just the Aadhaar Number and OTP sent to the customers device.

What data is covered in Aadhaar Offline KYC?

The following details can be extracted from the offline aadhaar file: Name, father’s or spouse name, full address, photo, gender, date of birth, hashed mobile number, hashed email, and reference number.

Does my customer need to download the Aadhaar Offline file (XML) from the UIDAI website?

No, with in-app integration we relieve your customer from all the extra hassles of downloading the XML file from the UIDAI website and then uploading it to our app. Our solution directly fetches the customer data from the UIDAI website with the full consent of the customer.

What is an XML file?

The Aadhaar offline file is downloaded from the UIDAI website as an XML file. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a text-based format for structured information that is both human-readable and machine-readable. However, your customer doesn’t need to worry about these technical details because our app directly fetches the details from the UIDAI website without requiring them to deal with the XML files.

Can the customer spoof Aadhaar Offline?

Aadhaar Offline has a strong digital signature embedded which cannot be spoofed with other people’s information (like how a physical Aadhaar can be spoofed with different address and photo). Besides, our technology has a seamless verification process directly from UIDAI site which leaves no room for tampering with the Aadhaar Offline file by customers. Furthermore, we reinforce the identity verification process with multifactor authentication using face liveness and face matching.

Will I receive the customer photograph as part of Aadhaar Offline?

Yes, a high-resolution photograph is fetched from the XML file and provided to you as part of the Aadhaar Offline process. By default, the photograph is in base 64 format. The same will be provided to you as a JPG image.

Does the customer need to have access to their registered mobile number for Aadhaar Offline verification?

Yes. Your customer needs to have access to the mobile number that is linked with their Aadhaar. This will ensure that that they are able to enter the OTP sent to them by UIDAI to complete their Aadhaar Offline steps.

How can I start using Aadhaar Offline verification for my customers?

You can start using the service instantly by signing up for our dashboard service. Enter the customers mobile number and the customer receives a link to start the Aadhaar Offline process (no app downloads needed). Once the steps are completed by the customer, you will see the Aadhaar Offline KYC data in the dashboard.

Can I integrate Aadhaar Offline directly into my mobile or web app?

Yes, you can integrate our APIs into your web application and SDK into your mobile applications for seamless Aadhaar Offline verification. We are 100% compliant with Indian laws.

How can I reach out to your sales team?

Yes, you can integrate Aadhaar offline directly into your mobile and web applications using our developer friendly APIs and SDKs. The solution in supported in web Apps, Android and iOS Apps. Please refer to our documentation for more information.

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Use our technology deployed as Docker containers in your own servers. In this set up there are no external calls outside your servers giving you total control over your data.

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Get started instantly and begin your identity verification projects. The dashboard provides you with everything you need to onboard your customers as per prevailing regulations.

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