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When you join us, you will notice a few simple things. One of them is real work. Not work that is outsourced and deemed unimportant. The vast majority of our IT services industry is essentially doing unimportant work: work that the developed nation thinks is beyond their intellect to be bothered with. And we seem proud to take it on without getting the joke.

So, here’s the thing: as a young engineer, you need to look beyond the shiny office complex, fancy chairs, free lunches and look at the impact of your work. Rather how your work matters, ultimately to the users of your creation. Think about it this way: would you like to conceptualise, think and build a product end to end or apply patches for life on someone else’s creation. If it’s the latter, you will fit in perfectly with any of the large companies in India. If it’s the former, don’t even sleep in their direction.

Another thing you will notice at frslabs is the importance we give to our 3Ps (Pencil, Paper and Picture). We create, so we start from first principles and have a number of friendly discussions (we call them 'think sessions'). These sessions bring out the real intellect in us to think creatively, break down even the most difficult problems, figure solutions out, get things done, see it being consumed by customers, and keep improving at it.

If you are thinking about working with us, it is quite natural for you to ask: where will I end up if I continue to work at frslabs (as it’s still a small company). Even though we have a flat structure without layers of management crap or protocols, each of us will have a title and a role to play. The roles are divided into three groups (Engineering, Business and Operations), and each role will have five different levels to aim for as you progress within frslabs. The expectation is that members will truly embrace what it takes to consistently perform at each level by demonstrating their skills, knowledge, attitude, communication, leadership and maturity regardless of their background or years of experience.

This company is yours as much as it's ours. The simple fact is: if we do a great job, we can expect great things to happen. When our clients succeed with our creations, we succeed many times over. And you can see clear, visible and fulfilling growth.

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