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aadhaar esign

How does Aadhaar esign Work?

You can login to our dashboard and get started using Aadhaar esign instantly. You can initiate single or multiple signatures from one or more people. The digital signature are valid for life.

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You upload the document you want your customer to sign


Your customer is notified with a link to sign the document


Your customer enters their Aadhaar number and OTP to sign


You and your customer receive a copy of the signed document

Key Features of Aadhaar esign

Say goodbye to coding with our easy to use dashboard or easy to deploy APIs and SDKs.
Reminder Notifications
Remind your customers in a gentle and non-intrusive manner to have the doc signed.
Multiple Signatories
Seamlessly automate document flows and get it signed by multiple signatories.
Real-time Tracking
Get a bird’s eye view of the signing history updated in real-time with our sleek dashboard.
Dedicated Support
We are real and friendly humans, not bots, ready to lend a hand, whenever you need us.
Legally Binding
Aadhaar esign is fully compliant with Indian regulations and admissible in a court of law.

Security matters.
Because your data is yours.

Your documents are yours and for your customers to view and sign. No one in the middle can view or alter the document while it’s sent out for signing. And there is a full audit trail with the signature.

Advanced Encryption

Your documents are hidden from everyone, including us. As soon as you upload the document, it gets converted into a hash, and allows only your customer to view and sign.

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aadhaar esign
aadhaar esign

Signature Proof

Audit trails from signing authority, Aadhaar and digital timestamps precisely record the time of signing and thus create a strong chronological evidence of signature authenticity.

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Tamper Proof

The documents and the signatures are tamper proof and are encrypted using bank grade encryption during transit and at rest. The validity of the digital signature can be verified at any time.

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aadhaar esign
aadhaar esign

Legally Binding

We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) license holder for esign through NSDL which is a licensed Certifying Authority. Aadhaar esign is fully compliant with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and signed documents are legally accepted and admissible in a court of law treated in part with wet signatures.

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Difference between Aadhaar esign and Digital Signatures

In the traditional digital signature model, an individual signer will have to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from a Certifying Authority licensed by the CCA under the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000.

In order to obtain a DSC, the signer must undergo a strenuous identity verification process and the private key of the signer is stored in a hardware (usually a USB dongle issued by the Certifying Authority which needs to be used every time the signer wants to sign a document). Such tokens have a validity of 2-3 years and the signer will have to repeat this process to renew the digital signature token.

Such hardware tokens cannot scale to say billions of people. Or a normal citizen cannot be made to go through this process to occasionally sign key documents (e.g Insurance claim or Self certified letter to the bank). In order to facilitate such esign, a convenient OTP based esign is introduced which vastly simplifies document signing by anyone, anytime.

This is the basis for introducing Aadhaar esign whereby the user can sign without the need for obtaining a hardware token and there is no need for strenuous identity verification to sign documents digitally. Any document can be signed instantly by entering the Aadhaar Number and OTP. And they are legally recognized and timeless.

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Legally recognized and verifiable signatures for all.

Aadhaar esign is as good as physical signatures. They are easy, instant and saves time and money for businesses and ordinary citizens.

Sign Anywhere, Anytime

Easy and secure way to digitally sign documents anywhere, anytime. Aadhaar esign is an online service for electronic signatures without using physical hardware tokens. Application service providers (such as frslabs) use Aadhaar and OTP to authenticate signers and facilitate digital signing of documents as per regulations.

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aadhaar esign
aadhaar esign

Clear Signer Consent

Facilitates legally valid signatures by including clear signer consent at the time of signing. Aadhaar esign process includes signer consent, Digital Signature Certificate issuance request, Digital Signature creation and affixing as well as Digital Signature Certificate acceptance in accordance with provisions of Information Technology Act.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail

Aadhaar esign has comprehensive digital audit trail, in-built to confirm the validity of transactions as defined by the CCA. Aside, the eKYC process for signing documents using Aadhaar and OTP also creates a strong audit trail with UIDAI making it full proof for future verifications and legal arbitrations. As a business, you cannot go wrong with Aadhaar esign.

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aadhaar esign
aadhaar esign

Compliant and Private by Design

Aadhaar esign ensures the privacy of the signer by requiring that only the hash of the document is submitted for signature function instead of the whole document. And nobody in the middle can read or access the document except the sender and the signer. You can be absolutely sure that the CCA process protects the documents and keeps it private and encrypted throughout the Aadhaar esign process.

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Reliable and Robust esign

The Aadhaar esign service is governed by CCA guidelines in accordance with IT Act 2000. The authentication of the signer is carried out using Aadhaar eKYC services in accordance with UIDAI Act and the signature on the document is carried out on a backend server audited by CERT-IN auditors for its full proof security. Aadhaar esign services are facilitated by trusted third party Application Service Providers (ASP) such as frslabs licensed by Certifying Authorities (CA).

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aadhaar esign
Aadhaar esign pricing

So, how is Aadhaar esign better than paper sign? Cut out the cost of printing (that increases with the number of pages), shipping (that increases with the distance and urgency) and the long turn-around times (that increases with delivery delays and mistakes by customers) that result in costly delays.

Instead, you can send out a document (any number of pages), for signing (instant), and there are zero errors with immediate turnaround times.

Our Aadhaar esign pricing model is designed with businesses of all sizes in mind and as dictated by the Certifying Authority and UIDAI.

Better still, as your volumes grow, we drop the price, how about that. Contact us to get a pricing quote for your exact needs.

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Aadhaar esign
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aadhaar esign?

Aadhaar esign service is an online electronic signature service that can facilitate an Aadhaar holder to digitally sign a document.

Who authorises frslabs for Aadhaar esign?

We are an ASP (Application Service Provider) licence holder for esign through NSDL which is a licensed Certifying Authority in India. You can directly validate our services through NSDL.

Why is Aadhaar esign better?

Paper gets wet, forged, torn, and lost and there go your legal rights. Digital signing is a permanent solution and is fully approved by the Government if India.

How do you secure the document sent out for signing?

We understand the fear of online threats and that’s the reason we have built our Aadhaar esign solution with military grade AES 256 encryption during transit and at rest. The entire transaction is secure and end to end encrypted and we will never know what is being signed, only maintaining the full audit trail and timestamps as needed by the certifying authorities to protect and non-repudiate the transaction that can stand the test of time and test of law. Your document can only be seen by you.

What happens to the document once signed?

You can see progress of your document sent out for signing from the dashboard itself. And once signed, you will see the status as Signed in the dashboard. You can download and keep a copy for your records.

Can multiple people sign the same document?

You indeed. You can send the document to be signed by up to 5 people. If you need more people to sign the document, we can enable that for you. You can see progress of your document from the dashboard and send reminders as you need.

How much does Aadhaar esign solution cost?

Set up a free consultation with our team who will understand your requirement and walk you through the relevant pricing plans (pre paid or post paid). Rest assured, Aadhaar esign solution is very affordable and often costs one tenth of printing, couriering and physical signing.

I am small business can I still use it without anybody’s help?

Yes indeed, once you sign up, you can login to our dashboard, upload the document you want your customer to sign (which is immediately encrypted so nobody can read it other than your customer), add your customer’s email and mobile number, and that’s that. Your customer will receive a link to instantly sign.

I am a SEBI registered intermediary. Will this solution comply with SEBI regulations for digital KYC under esign?

Yes indeed. We have a seamless process for obtaining KYC check under esign exactly as specified for SEBI registered intermediaries. You can test drive this flow or get a demo from our friendly team so you can see this flow in action.

I would like to integrate Aadhaar sign directly into my application. How do go about integrating it?

You can integrate Aadhaar esign through our APIs and SDKs. You can review the API and SDK documentation for Aadhaar esign from our documentation page.

Is Aadhaar esign legally binding in India?

Yes, Aadhaar esign is legal and binding and on part with wet signatures. We are 100% compliant with the Indian laws.

How can I reach out to your sales team?

Please click the chat icon at the bottom right and chat with one of our friendly sales team or you can drop your email there and we will get back soon.

Is the privacy of my documents and signers protected?

Absolutely. We are governed by Certifying Authority and our services, security and processes are certified annually by Cert-In certified auditors. Your document content is always encrypted using AES 256 encryption and only visible to you and your signer and none in the middle (that includes us). The privacy of signer's information is protected by sending only the one-way hash of the document to esign. This end-to-end process is completely transparent to the signer and provides full consent for esign. You can read more from CCA here.

Is Aadhaar esign legally valid in India?

Yes, Aadhaar esign is legally binding and on par with physical signatures. The electronic signatures facilitated through Aadhaar esign is legally valid provided the esign signature framework is operated under the provisions of Second Schedule of the Information Technology Act and Guidelines issued by the Controller. We are 100% compliant with the Indian laws and certified by the Certifying Authority (CA).

Can you provide some use cases of where Aadhaar esign can be implemented?

Aadhaar esign services are effective for businesses that require quick turnaround time for signing documents. A simple example could be a loan application that once completed can be esigned by the customer instead of printing, signing, scanning and emailing the application. esign services can also be effectively used by Government, Public or Private companies of all sizes. Some examples of where Aadhaar esign can be used are as follows:

  • Account opening forms (Account, Insurance and Claims, Loans etc) can be ensigned by customers once completed online.
  • Identity Proofs under esign. All identity proofs for KYC and periodic updation of KYC can be submitted online under Aadhaar esign.
  • Employee agreements. Just share the agreements online and get employees to esign through a seamless internal HR workflow.
  • Insurance Claim Forms. Just upload the documents to the insurance company portal under esign to make insurance claims in a paperless manner.

How is the trustworthiness of Aadhaar esign ensured?

According to the CCA process, once the Aadhaar authentication is completed, key pairs are generated and public key along with information received from Aadhaar eKYC process is submitted to CA for certification. Immediately after signature is generated with the private key of individual, the key pairs are deleted. Audit log files are generated for all events relating to the security of the esign Signature Service. The security audit logs are automatically collected and digitally signed by ASPs. All security audit logs, both electronic and non-electronic, shall be retained and are audited periodically.

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Native Mobile SDKs

Offline Android and iOS components for identity capture. Works without internet connection. Quick integration into your native Apps. Tested in over 1000+ mobile devices.

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Cloud APIs

Restful APIs that can be integrated instantly without worrying about infrastructure or auto scaling. Our battle tested AWS environment is ISO 27001:2013 certified and monitored 24x7.

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Use our technology deployed as Docker containers in your own servers. In this set up there are no external calls outside your servers giving you total control over your data.

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Cloud Dashboard (no-code)

Get started instantly and begin your identity verification projects. The dashboard provides you with everything you need to onboard your customers as per prevailing regulations.

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