Verify liveness and authenticate users using their face

What is face authentication?

Face authentication with liveness veries a person’s identity by analysing hundreds of face characteristics and determining that the face is real and not a picture, mask, photo or video spoof. It then compares the person’s live face with the face already enrolled on file or the face from a government verifed ID (e.g., Aadhaar or Passport).
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How do you check for face liveness?

We provide both passive and active liveness checks. You can use them as you see fit for your specific use cases.

Active liveness checks for the presence of blink or smile through a selfie and can be used in low-risk environments where the check is done within the device without any server calls. This will only provide you with basic protection from photos and not from spoof-attacks such as video and masks so should be used with caution.

Passive liveness requires a short video capture or a selfie with several frames with no actions such as blink or smile from the user and uses our advanced AI anti-spoof technology to check for liveness. This will provide you protection from photos, videos and masks.

Passive liveness can be combined with a voice token verification for advanced liveness checks (as needed by regulations in certain jurisdictions). Combining voice and face as part of our anti-spoof detection provides you with the highest protection from spoof attacks such as photos, videos and masks.
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Where can I use it?

Face Login

If you have an App that does not require complex PINs or passwords but still require your users to authenticate themselves, why don’t you try our face login. Face login provides a frictionless, yet safe, experience for your users to access your services across multiple devices.
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Multi factor transaction authentication

If you are dealing with Apps or transactions that require a high level of digital trust, you can replace One Time Password with One Time Selfie. Alternatively, you can add One Time Selfie as a third factor of authentication to protect consumers from identity theft, account takeovers and fake KYCs.
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Prevent Phishing and Vishing attacks on innocent customers

Protect your consumers from common fraud threats such as Phishing and Vishing (fake KYC or fake calls for KYC verifications by luring innocent customers to reveal PINs, Passwords and OTPs) by adding face biometrics as another layer of trust when transactions originate from unknown devices or suspicious locations. Customers can take informed decision before they authenticate risky transactions done on their account.
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