Verify customers remotely using assisted and unassisted video KYC.

Build KYC flows customised to your exact needs and reach a global audience with our award winning video KYC solutions. With over 100 features and a no-code dashboard, you can get started instantly to onboard and verify anyone around the world.

Assisted Video KYC

In Assisted KYC mode, the end user is assisted by your Agent over a friendly video call to complete the verification steps. In Assisted KYC, the User will get on a live video call with your Agent and provide consent to be verified. The Agent will capture the ID document, check for ID forgery, capture a selfie and verify that the user is real through random questions.

The system will do all of the checks such as verifying ID against issuing authority, verifying face liveness, matching face against ID photo, doing fraud checks etc. This is useful where regulations mandate organisations to carry out KYC capture and verification over a live video call before onboarding the user. Our Assisted Video KYC can be used worldwide breaking geographical and language barriers to onboard customers, anywhere anytime.

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Unassisted Video KYC

In Unassisted KYC mode, the end user completes the steps on their own as part your onboarding flow. Customers will usually provide their consent, scan their ID documents, capture a selfie and submit them to the server. Unassisted KYC can be integrated into your web and mobile applications and can help scale at a rapid pace.

The system will do all of the checks such as verifying ID against issuing authority, verifying face liveness, matching face against ID photo, doing fraud checks etc. The applicant can then be onboarded after a review by the Analyst. Unassisted KYC also allows you to create the exact flow as per your needs from our no code dashboard.

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Multilingual Video PIVC

Video Pre-Issuance Verification Call (PIVC) allows your prospects to complete the PIVC verification at the comfort of their homes exactly as prescribed by the insurance regulator. The entire video PIVC is recorded with consent and acceptance obtained from customers to proceed with the policy issuance. PIVC is currently supported in 9 languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali and Marathi.

The PIVC – that can be sent as a secure link or enabled from your web or mobile applications – will allow your prospect to choose the language of choice to listen and verify their policy details through a live video recording. The policy details will be spoken back to them so your prospect will simply need to review and confirm the details. The entire video and the consent and confirmations provided by the prospect will be recorded and available for your underwriters instantly once completed.

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Periodic Updation

Periodic Updation refers to re verifying the identity documents collected at the time of account opening is reviewed periodically and updated to keep it current and valid. “Periodic Updation” as per RBI regulation (Part V – Article 38 of Master KYC Circular of RBI) can be completed by customers on their mobile or laptop without meeting face to face and in full compliance through a simple notification every two, eight and ten years as required by the Reserve Bank.

We provide a periodic updation solution that you can enable using our no code Dashboard. Customers can complete the steps by providing a self-declaration if no changes are needed or update their details and verify themselves over a short video call if there are changes. Once the validation is automatically done in the backend, the Bank can update their backend system and send an acknowledgement to the customer.

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Passive Liveness

Passive liveness refers to verifying the true liveness of a person without any active inputs such as blink, smile or turning heads. Our passive video liveness uses advanced ML based liveness checks without any user input both on mobile and on server.

Video Voice Token

Video voice token is an added layer of active liveness recommended by many regulators to ensure that the regulated entity has done multiple liveness checks to verify the realness of a person beyond doubt. The Video voice token feature, apart from passive liveness, checks whether the person has spoken the correct one-time random token displayed on the screen.

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