Verify true identities at the point of onboarding.

Capture a KYC compliant face as per prevailing regulations, verify true liveness, match live face against document photo. Besides, automate repetitive manual face recognition tasks with our flexible AI face engine at your own premises to improve productivity and reduce fraud.

Face Photo

Capturing a perfect selfie is tricky. Some too far and some too close. Some over exposed and some under exposed. Some have eyes open and others eyes shut. Some are clear and some are blurry. Let our software do the heavy lifting and help your customers capture a perfect selfie photo. The consistent image quality allows for verification, authentication and precise storage costs.

Face Liveness

Capturing a photograph for KYC or authentication is of no use without liveness checks. Our advanced face capture and liveness check engine can detect a live face using passive and active methods to prevent spoof attacks such as photos, videos and masks.

Face Authentication

With PINs and passwords coming under attack and KYC frauds proliferating, add face as an extra factor of authentication to your mobile and web applications. Face authentication with liveness verifies a person’s true identity by analysing hundreds of face characteristics and determining that the face is real and not a picture, mask, photo or video spoof.

Face Quality

Takes an input image and assesses for multiple input quality parameters including the presence of blur, reflection, sharpness, exposure, orientation (pitch, yaw, roll), eye and mouth positions, sufficient landmark points and returns a quality score.

Match Faces

Takes two input images or a face image and a document image, detects and crops the face images, extracts the face features from the face landmarks, compares both the images and provides a match similarity score.

Find Faces

Takes a reference input image and a set of images to be matched in a single API call. This is useful for de-duplicating incoming application data or selecting the best matching image against a reference image to ascertain a single master record.

Crop Face

Takes an input image or a video and identifies the face image and crops the image. This is useful for cropping face images from ID cards for face comparison against selfie of video face. The image crop usually adheres to the correct and recommended ratio by regulators.

Compress Face

Takes an input image and compresses the image. The face image is usually compressed to about 50KB without loss of quality. You can also use this in batch mode to compress existing images in your document management system to store more for the same unit cost.

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