Aadhaar offline verification, Aadhaar masking, Aadhaar eSign and more.

Make your application process and identity verification tamper proof with Aadhaar offline and Aadhaar eSign at low costs. If you are collecting Aadhaar ID images as proofs, you can remain compliant with Aadhaar masking regulations through our technology.

Aadhaar Offline

Aadhaar offline is the easiest and safest way to verify Indian citizens with just their Aadhaar number and one time password received to their mobile number linked to their Aadhaar.

Done with full consent of the customer, you can verify the customer and obtain the KYC details from the Aadhaar database instantly. We provide a fully built mobile and web SDK with pre-built screens and error flows that can be integrated into your KYC workflow instantly.

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Aadhaar Masking

Aadhaar masking is a regulatory requirement for every business in India accepting and storing Aadhaar images. The idea is to redact the first eight digits of the Aadhaar number from Aadhaar images in order to protect consumers from falling pray to fraud, profiling or misuse of Aadhaar without the user’s consent.

With over 20 million Aadhaar cards masked and counting, we have one of the industry’s most accurate Aadhaar masking solution.

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Aadhar eSign

Electronic signing of documents using Aadhaar is now considered on par with physical signature and will stand good in a court of law. You can replace the pain of printing, posting and having it returned with physical signatures with a simple digital signature using only Aadhaar and one time password on any device.

eSign is approved by RBI, SEBI, IRDAI for signing any agreements, applications or contracts and we are a licensed Application Service Provider (ASP) through NSDL Certifying Authority.

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Aadhaar OCR

Extract details from Aadhaar Cards seamlessly at the point of uploading the proofs. The details from both the front and the back of the Aadhaar is accurately extracted and verified against the application data to ensure that the application data matches with the Aadhaar proof uploaded by your customer.

Aadhaar QR

Aadhaar QR comes in a variety of formats. Some clear and some encrypted. Use our software to extract details from any Aadhaar QR. This is considered on part with Aadhaar Offline and is another simpler and full proof way to verify Aadhaar.

Classify Aadhaar

Most times you would want your customers to upload the front and the back of the Aadhaar images. However, there is no way to know that the customer has done it correctly. You can use our Aadhaar Classifier to accurately identify that the correct document and the correct side of the document has been uploaded by your customer.

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