How to control IRSF Fraud?

In order to answer this question, one must understand how IRSF fraud is pulled off.  It cannot be stressed enough of the need for an efficient Fraud Management System (FMS) that can help control fraud attacks before it hits your bottom line. However, it takes more than just a good FMS to control IRSF fraud in particular.

Let’s take, for example, an FMS with some rules to control high value calls to a PRS number or a risky destination. It has been proven, time and again, that it is not too difficult to circumvent these rules with a bit of perseverance. With hundreds of SIMs in the fraudsters’ possession, it doesn’t take long to test the system thresholds to see where the boundaries are. This, combined with the fact that the overwhelming rules there is to build are built once and are hardly ever changed, makes it very convenient for fraudsters to remain under the radar for a very long time.

In order to solve this problem and perhaps use the existing FMS system to its full potential, FRS Labs in partnership with Yates Fraud Consulting has released a simple cloud based tool called ‘PRISM – IRS Test Number Database’. This holds over 70,000 ‘IRS Test Numbers’ along with destinations that are routinely used by fraudsters to test the service and connectivity of the IRS numbers. The PRISM numbers are updated every 4 weeks to keep it up to date.

The intelligence from calls and callers to the IRS Test Numbers combined with real time monitoring of calls immediately after the test calls can be a powerful tool to detect and then stop IRSF attacks. As you can notice, having just the rules or destination hot lists can easily be circumvented by fraudsters. However, understanding the modus operandi of fraudsters alongside the powerful PRISM Test Number database can certainly increase the rate of detection.

Some of the leading Communication Service Providers and VOIP service providers have begun using PRISM – Test Number Database and are seeing great benefits. Also, if you do not have an FMS and do not want to invest huge sums in one just for IRSF, we have the perfect plug in for PRISM – the PRISM Client.

PRISM Client is a simple web based application that sits within your premises, accesses your core CDRs and detects IRSF fraud in real time. PRISM Client application can be installed on a low spec PC or server (or even a laptop) or on our secure cloud server. If the CDR data is made available quickly, PRISM Client can be installed on the same day. You can start detection in a couple of days. It is offered for a low subscription fee along with our flagship ‘PRISM – IRS Test Number Database’ so no major investment needed to get started.

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