IRSF – Test Number Database (PRISM).

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) test numbers are numbers provided by a reseller to test that a revenue share destination and number range can be connected from a calling location. These test numbers are extremely valuable if used in a hot list to alert CSPs of a possible or pending IRSF attack.

Yates Fraud Consulting, in partnership with FRSLabs has developed PRISM, a database with over 90,000 IRS test numbers. Used as a ‘Hot List’, these numbers can be extremely effective at identifying potential IRSF incidents either before, or shortly after they start. The Test Numbers cover virtually all destinations and are updated every 4 weeks to keep the database current.

Note that, unlike PRS Fraud, IRSF Fraud is lot more difficult to detect as the numbers in IRSF are generally not part of the official national numbering plans so the originating operator cannot easily identify the called numbers as premium rate services and hence difficult to add them to monitoring hotlists.

PRISM is one of a kind database and is provided as a secure cloud solution, so all you need is a web browser to get started.  Access to this database is now available for a modest annual subscription.

If interested, please drop a line to and full details will be sent to you. Learn more about IRSF by reading the interview with Colin Yates on Black Swan Telecom Journal and the PRISM FAQ.

Note: Content shared with permission from Yates Fraud Consulting.


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