Account opening methods are complicated. Paper work, branch visits, and long delays.

Branch Visits

Paper Work

Long Waits

This is not the experience customers deserve. Give them what they truly need and expect.

Imagine being able to open a Bank Account at the comfort of your home.

Download App

Scan ID

Verify Details

Take a video Selfie

Give your customers an unforgettable experience. And keep them engaged right from the word go.

Be KYC/AML compliant without getting in the way of delightful customer experience.

Advanced algorithms to verify customer identity. Prevent fraud at the point of application.

Simple integration.

Go live in a week.

Atlas SDK Integration into Mobile App

This is your App

Atlas Server Installation + API Configuration

This is your Server

Our customers use these features

Face verification

Match a live face against a previously enrolled face (one to one check).

Face Quality

Check for exposure (brightness), blurriness (sharpness), pose (pitch, yaw, roll), facial expression and more.

Face identification

Match a live face against all available faces (one to many check).

Face comparison

Compare faces from documents to selfies. And from selfies to video.

Face image processing

Crop, compress, extract faces from full page documents and much more.

Face liveness

Prevent spoof attempts through advanced video and voice liveness checks.

Video Authentication

Capture live video face and match it against enrolled face.

Non Repudiation

Capture live video with speech to text and text to speech for non repudiation before service activation.

ID Capture

Enable simple, fast and accurate ID capture (online and offline)

ID Data extraction (OCR)

Extract accurate details from the ID document and auto-populate the Application.

ID Quality

Check if the ID is not soiled, blurred, damaed or photocopied.

ID verification

Verify that the ID belongs to the user onboarding through biometric matching.

ID authenticity

Check the authenticity of the ID using deep learning.

Speech to text

Turn speech into text to confirm user identity.

Fraud check

Check to see if the customer has adverse fraud or credit history (using internal and external data sources).

Continuous behaviour check

Ensure that customer remains good and prevent fraud through continuous network links.

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